Semi State Itinerary

Marching Tigers @ Semi State!


This Saturday, October 22nd, the Marching Tigers will take their final step towards State Finals at the ISSMA Semi State at Decatur Central! Below you will see the listed itinerary for the day of the contest.  All members must be on time and ready for the early departure as listed below. Please make sure that you eat something before we leave for Decatur Central. Each member must be in their show shirt to load the bus. All members must travel to the contest by bus with the rest of the group.  If you elect to leave after the competition without taking the bus, you must ride with your parent/guardian and must provide written documentation that must be turned into Mr. Salmond. Students may not leave with anyone other than their parent/guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS! THIS IS REQUIRED BY THE SCHOOL CORPORATION’S LIABILITY POLICIES!



Decatur Central High School

5251 Kentucky Ave

Indianapolis, IN


We will be competing in Class C beginning at 1:00 (EST)


8:00 AM Report for Rehearsal

10:00 Dismiss Rehearsal (load, hydrate, food)

11:15 Depart for Decatur Central High School

** Adjust clocks to Eastern Time Zone** ** Adjust clocks to Eastern Time Zone**

3:00 (EST) Arrive at Decatur Central High School (bathrooms, unload, uniforms)

4:30 Transit to Physical Warm-Up

4:45 Physical Warm-up Begins

5:09 Transit to Music Warm-Up

5:14 Music Warm-Up Begins

5:38 Transit to Field for Performance

5:56 Staging


6:20 Awards – Seniors will retreat on the field. All students/equipment will remain on track during awards.

6:45 Report back to buses for loading/recap/dinner. Mr. Hauger will be providing students and personnel with pizza after the show at the busses.

8:00 Depart for PCHS ** Adjust clocks back to Central Time Zone **

9:30 (CST) Arrive at PCHS (Central Time)

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