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The Competition Guard is made up of only high school students (9th through 12th grades) that must audition in order to secure a spot. The Princeton Winterguard has a long history of successful programs. As one of the founding guards in the IHSCGA, Princeton shares a tradition of excellence and quality in it’s performing programs and is well-known state-wide for it’s award winning history. Princeton carried the title of AA State Champion in 1984, and was a finalist for many years to follow. After a long hiatus from the Association, they re-emerged in 2001 to become the Novice Class Champion, and has produced beautiful guards each year since. The primary goal of the Competition Guard is to heighten the skill levels of the performers while giving them a healthy, competitive arena in which to compete and improve. Competitions expose the team members to unbiased judging systems that help to encourage and give positive feedback on skills, performance levels, the general effect of the show, and the writing. The winter program is ESSENTIAL to the growth and progress of the marching season. Competition Guard will be taking a hiatus from the competitive arena in order to restructure and rebulid by performing in a new, Stage venue Dance Team.. This is a different type of production that will be bringing Dance & Guard to the masses. Check the News Page for furthing information and details.

The Exhibition Group is populated by junior high students with some younger students involved as well, some ranging as young as 6 years old. The EG is a beginner level Dance & Guard program that involves the development of the basic skills of equipment and dance and does not require an audition. Members enjoy the opportunity to learn something new while experiencing a team environment and developing a relationship with veteran members. This is a building unit that feeds into the marching band colorguard and fuels the Competition Guard. For the 2005-2006 season, the EG will be taking a hiatus and will continue at a later date.

Summer/Fall Dance & Guard is comprised of students enrolled at Princeton Community High School and is the longest running, most traditional colorguard in the history of the Princeton Programs. Pride and Excellence are the main factors in the idea behind this group. Over the years, the guard has gone through many changes, from their beginnings as a mirror to the wind and percussion sections in look and movement, to the redevelopment of the look with one of the very first Cesario designs in the early 80’s, to the morphosis into what colorguard has become today… a mix of dance, form, movement, color, and equipment. This group provides a visual aspect to the listener, and a Dance & Guard member is a musician in the meaning that their body is their instrument, making music with nothing but movement.

We continue to strive to provide a quality venue for these musicians and dancers to perform, and welcome anyone who has ever been a part of it to come visit and give feedback… Once a Marching Tiger, ALWAYS a Marching Tiger!

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