Decatur Central High School
5251 Kentucky Ave
Indianapolis, IN

We will be competing in Class C beginning at 1:00 (EST)

6:45 AM Report for Rehearsal

8:10 Prop personnel rehearsal

8:30 Dismiss Rehearsal (load, hydrate, food)

9:45 Depart for Decatur Central High School

** Adjust clocks to Eastern Time Zone** ** Adjust clocks to Eastern Time Zone**

2:00 (EST) Arrive at Decatur Central High School (bathrooms, unload, uniforms)

3:20 Transit to Physical Warm-Up

3:27 Physical Warm-up Begins

4:30 Transit to Music Warm-Up

3:56 Music Warm-Up Begins

4:20 Transit to Field for Performance

4:38 Staging


4:55 Return to buses, get out of uniforms, equipment partially loaded due to time. Seniors will put instruments in cases and return to the field for senior retreat in uniform.

6:25 Awards – ALL Seniors will retreat on the field.

6:50 Report back to buses for loading/recap/dinner. There will be pizza provided for students and personnel after the show at the buses.

8:00 Depart for PCHS

** Adjust clocks to Central Time Zone    **  Adjust clocks to Central Time Zone**

10:00 (CST) Arrive at PCHS (Central Time). The return time is an approximation.