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  • Feb 22 / 2011
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Pep Band

Pep Band

Here is a quick photo of the Pep Band rocking out at last Saturday’s game. Unfortunately, the team lost but the band sounded great!

Click the photo to enlarge!

  • Feb 21 / 2011
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Band Boosters

Can Drop Off

This is an update for anyone who is wondering where the can cage that was in front of the Jay-C parking lot has gone.

The last time we worked to empty the cage and recycle those cans, we encountered some issues. At the time of can delivery, the shredder at the recycling center was being serviced so it was not entirely feasible to empty the can trailer.

In the process of moving the trailer back, it actually became un-hitched from the truck. At the time, we felt it too dangerous to move further so we parked it on private property until such time as we can get the trailer inspected and make sure it is safe to pull.

In the meantime, Jay-C changed to Ruler and we are in the process of making sure it is still okay to park there once we resolve the trailer safety issue.

We fully intend to have the can trailer available for can donations as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your support of Princeton Bands!

  • Jan 29 / 2011
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Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble Results

Kudos to band students who participated in this year’s Indiana State
School Music Association, Incorporated’s Solo and Ensemble Contest!!!

7th graders:
Sidney Gharst, trumpet – Gold medal. Keaton Kidd,
Britanny Thorne, and Abigail Wallace, alto saxophone trio – Silver
medal. Kaylee Epperson, xylophone – Gold medal. Alex Paul,
trumpet – Gold medal. Dayna Rainbolt, baritone – Gold medal.
Jesica Smith, clarinet – Gold medal. Wyatt Anthis, Justin Devoy,
Jordan Harpenau, and Chase Lynch, percussion – Gold medal. Tiffany
Duke, clarinet – Gold medal. Rhiannon Bishop, alto saxophone – Gold
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