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The PCMS Bands have a long history of producing awesome musicians.  It doesn’t come easily, however, and there are long hours of work and practice that go into the middle school programs.

Each year, the PCMS Bands have great members, and continuing on throughout your school career in the band program is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

It’s proof now!!!!  Scientists know (what musicians have ALWAYS known) that studying the fine arts enhances the brain’s ability to process information and aids information comprehension!!!  What can a person do for themselves and their development?  Learn to play an instrument!

So… for all you future mathematicians, you biologists, you brain surgeons, you rocket scientists…
LEARN AN INSTRUMENT!  (Besides, chicks dig it, and it’s way cool…)

Marching Band… It’s not just for High Schoolers Anymore!!!

Talk with Mr. Hyneman or Mr. Salmond to find out details on this year’s Marching Season and how you can help!

Big News for the middle school members… Your 8th graders are marching, and “kicking knees” doing it, too!  These guys ROCK and have earned their place rightfully!  If you are an 8th grader and are already marching, THANKS!  Hope you’re enjoying it!  If you are a 7th grader and want to do this next season, talk to an 8th grader.  Find out why they do it, and why you should do it too!

The Colorguard needs YOU!!!  If you are in band, then contact your friends that aren’t and let them know they can still be in without playing an instrument!

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